While diseases can make anyone sick, some Canadians are more at risk of getting an infection and developing severe complications due to their health, social and economic circumstances. Organizations, staff and volunteers play an important role in helping to prevent these populations from getting or spreading the COVID-19 virus. This document lists simple suggestions to share, refer to and learn from to reduce spread and harmful impacts of COVID-19 in the vulnerable sector.

Download this two page PDF or refer to the site page to read the definitions and recommendations.

    How to use this resource:

    • Read, consider and discuss the definitions of vulnerable populations.

    • Reflect on the short section on how organizations can support vulnerable populations. Complete the further reading suggested there.

    • Use the list of support suggestions as a start point to create a list that pertains to your group, work or organization. 

    • Ask what would be the best way to begin sharing simple things vulnerable populations can do to help keep themselves and others healthy; consider posters, social media posts, or other ways to impart the information.