Community Response

Truly Alive

In response to COVID-19 Pandemic, the Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundation Inc [TAYFFI] began implementing series of intervention initiatives including the Redefining Social Interaction program delivered using virtual technology to keep connected with our clients and other vulnerable members of the Saskatoon community.

Since implementing this unique initiative, participants continue to express their appreciation to the Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundation Inc for providing them a platform to enhance their skills, increase their knowledge and acquire new understanding on women’s role in community building and leadership. More importantly, the weekly women virtual meetings avail participants an opportunity to break the barrier of boredom while observing physical distance, and to build resilience together.

The virtual sessions have been warmly received by the Saskatoon community; presenters and facilitators are drawn from the diverse Saskatoon professional and knowledge-keeper communities. These include educators, motivational speaker/life coach, medical/health practitioners, journalists, financial advisors, business development specialists, and a host of others. To learn more about the Women Capacity Advancement (virtual) sessions, or other initiatives of the Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundation Inc [TAYFFI] in response to COVID-19, please visit our event page at

You can also email us for further inquiries at or call them at 306-986-4183