Ten Equity Considerations of the Coronavirus COVID 19 Outbreak in the United-States

Global Focus

The many pervasive social, economic and civil rights issues facing the US are increased by the COVID-19 pandemic. This document extensively lists and explores these issues with many links for further research and reading to deepen understanding, raise awareness and facilitate civil rights advocacy work. Clarifying ten implications and equity considerations to the COVID-19 in detail, this document offers the opportunity to understand the similarities and differences that US citizens face through COVID-19.

Download this sixteen page PDF to explore the implications described.

    How to use this resource:

    • Reflect on which of the many links may be useful for further research and use these as a starting point for deepening understanding.

    • Consider areas that the document illuminates and highlights. Use these to facilitate discussion.

    • Discuss whether these issues as described in the US pertain to the Canadian context; consider the similarities and differences, and use these to inform advocacy work.