Pandemic Planning and Services that Support People Who are Homeless

Homelessness, Vulnerable Populations

People experiencing homelessness are presented with unique challenges in the event of a pandemic. This list of sixteen considerations and expectations for a community or organization working on pandemic planning pertains particularly to the homeless sector so that various aspects are brought into the discussion and planning framework before a plan is implemented.

NOTE: This blog is intended to stimulate discussion in your local community regarding pandemic planning and the homelessness services sector. This blog is NOT medical advice. You should work with your local Public Health officials, or other local health officials to develop a community response to plan for a pandemic, should one occur.

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    How to use this resource:

    • Read the sixteen list topics and use them to stimulate discussion regarding pandemic planning as it pertains to homelessness.

    • Consider if there are topics missing. Discuss whether you would add to this list, or if certain topics are not relevant to local experience.

    • Compare and contrast local Pandemic Planning strategies and how these list topics have been implemented.

    • Work with Public Health to draft a Pandemic Plan using this framework as a start point.