Key Dimensions of Equity-Oriented Care

Health Care

This document presents EQUIP Healthcare’s Ten Strategies to guide organizations in enhancing capacity for equity-oriented services which flow from EQUIP’s 3 key dimensions of equity-oriented care: 

  1. Trauma- and violence-informed care; 
  2. Culturally-safe care; and 
  3. Harm reduction. 

The 3 Key Dimensions are interconnected, responsive to inequities and tailored to each particular context. 

EQUIP Health Care is a group of research intervention studies working with health care organizations to enhance their capacity to provide equity-oriented health care, particularly for those experiencing marginalization – EQUIP Health Care website

Equity-oriented health care (EOHC) is about directing resources to those with the greatest needs. It doesn’t mean treating everyone equally, because everyone doesn’t need the same thing.

    How to use this resource:

    • Guide organizations in how to enhance their capacity for providing equity-oriented services.
      Facilitate discussion about the meaning of equity-oriented health care and the three dimensions of equity-oriented care.


    EQUIP Health Care. (2017). Key Dimensions of Equity-Oriented Care: 10 Strategies to Guide Organizations in Enhancing Capacity for Equity-Oriented Health Care. Retrieved from