Housing & Homelessness

Housing is on the front-line in the fight to stop the spread of Covid-19. The crisis has exposed deep inequalities and wide-ranging vulnerabilities in housing; you can’t stay at home if you don’t have one.

In Saskatchewan, housing insecurity is a growing concern and a serious reality for many people.

Each year in Canada, 250,000 people (1) find themselves experiencing homelessness. On a given night, approximately 35,000 people experience homelessness, sleeping in shelters, while many more sleep in overcrowded conditions or on the couches of family or friends.

People who find themselves homeless or at risk of homelessness, including those housed in systems (such as prisons, health care, etc) are especially vulnerable to the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have witnessed creative community-led responses – such as improving access to hygiene, providing immediate, temporary shelters for those who otherwise have no way to self-isolate, and providing alternative housing to those in need. Yet gaps remain.

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Social distancing creates problems for housing released Sask. inmates

North Saskatchewan communities set up Covid-19 command centre due to government ‘negligence’

The COVID-19 pandemic reinforces the impact of housing on health, and underscores the urgent need to tackle the growing issue of homelessness and precarious housing in Saskatchewan. That includes identifying root causes.

The time is now to support communities in preventing and ending homelessness while promoting safe, affordable, appropriate and adequate housing for individuals and families.

Let us advocate for evidence-based solutions. Support these action plans and be part of collaborative solutions. The most effective public health plan we have is to ensure housing for all people.

We must meet the immediate housing needs exposed during the crisis and recognize the need to support long-term evidence-based solutions post-pandemic.

“Homelessness is often misunderstood. Homelessness is not suffered through choice – everyone is vulnerable”

Saskatoon Homelessness

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Saskatoon Housing Initiatives Partnership released a Saskatoon Homelessness Report Card 2018.

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Saskatoon Homelessness shares five interdependent principles that make up Housing First.

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How the Youth-Serving Sector is Coping with the Crisis

How the Youth-Serving Sector is Coping with the Crisis

To ensure that the response of governments and communities takes into consideration the unique needs of young people, A Way Home Canada and the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness conducted a survey for youth-serving organizations addressing the needs of youth at-risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Harm Reduction in Housing and Shelters during COVID-19

Harm Reduction in Housing and Shelters during COVID-19

COVID-19 is escalating substance use related harms particularly for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and living in poverty. This is an overview of harm reduction strategies & practices which can prevent the harms of substance use and save lives during COVID-19 and beyond.


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