Highlights from A Covid-19 Fireside Chat with Indigenous Health Professionals

Health Equity, Indigenous Health

This document provides highlights from a webinar hosted by Idle no More and Indigenous Climate Action, featuring Indigenous health professionals and leaders. It is intended to inform Indigenous health planners who are preparing to address Covid-19. The speakers emphasized that “now is the time to reflect, to find grounding in Indigenous ways and to consider what Indigenous strategies to support the health and wellbeing of families and communities could look like” (p. 1). The document provides guidance on social distancing, gloves and masks, caring for kids, traditional medicines, gathering and participating in ceremony, and concludes with words of hope and encouragement: find strength in family and community, honour elders, practice self-care, and trust in what we know.

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    How to use this resource:

    • To inform indigenous leaders and health technicians about addressing COVID-19 impacts and solutions for Indigenous people.

    • To advocate for Indigenous ontologies and epistemologies as strategic planning for Indigenous communities.

    • To provide a resource on COVID-19 prevention and planning.