Culturally connected is an approach that brings together cultural humility and health literacy to help care providers and their clients develop shared understanding of each other’s values, beliefs, needs and priorities. By working from a cultural humility perspective and by supporting health literacy, care providers can develop mutual understanding with their clients. 

This resource provides fundamental practices and tools to support cultural humility and health literacy with clients. Two case studies demonstrate how the Culturally Connected Approach can be applied in practice. 

While developed to support health care providers, this approach and its practices and tools would also be valuable for those working across all sectors. 

Culturally Connected was developed in collaboration by the Health Literacy team of BC Children’s Hospital and the Population Health Promotion team of BC Women’s Hospital, both of which are parts of the Provincial Health Services Authority.

    How to use this resource:

    • Explore definitions of cultural safety and cultural humility including how these concepts are being applied specifically with Indigenous Peoples 
    • Explore health literacy and the factors that influence communication and how health literacy can be improved 
    • Draw on the fundamental practices and tools provided to explore how to be responsive in situations and encounters with clients.